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136 Mins

The Dudes' Guide to Study

Help your son succeed with the lessons and tools to maximize performance and make real improvements


72 Mins

Middle School Study Skills

Learn specific strategies for dealing with stress, improving organization, and being prepped for every test


193 Mins

How to Study in College

A comprehensive study skills course with 9 learning guides on organization, exam prep and much more!

It’s not just about understanding the subject.

Learning is

Building Confidence

When students know that they know how to study, something magical happens — and their grades reflect it.

Crushing Stress

Simple, step-by-step guides to getting organized & productive make it easy for students to thrive.

Prepping Effectively

Imagine your student walking into a math or chemistry test — without dread on their face and in their gut.

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I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their grades and time management skills. ShareTweetPin0 Shares

A great investment! ShareTweetPin0 Shares

The study skills course I have taken has been amazing. It was interactive and very useful. ShareTweetPin0 Shares